Soldier's perspective

ACTIVELY SERVING: Hunter Anderson has been serving in the United States Army for nearly eight years.

Hunter Anderson graduated from Fergus Falls in 2012. He worked for Otter Tail Power for two years doing construction, then he decided to enlist with the United States Army in April 2014. He began as an IT specialist and then switched to cavalry scout in 2017. Anderson has been on one deployment to Afghanistan in 2018. He has served for almost eight years. Currently he is posted in Fort Carson, Colorado, as a staff sergeant.

Q: What was the meaning of Veterans Day to you prior to your military service?

A: Before I joined the military I just saw Veterans Day as another federal holiday.

Q: What is the meaning of Veterans Day to you now that you have served?

A: Now that I’m in the military and know the history of it, I consider it to be a reflection of soldiers putting aside their differences during that ceasefire in 1918. And now we have expanded it to appreciate all military personnel.

Q: Do you expect the meaning to change once you are no longer serving?

A: I think its meaning to me will always center around those great men who fought in World War I.

Q: Why did you enlist?

A: I enlisted to find adventure and serve my country. I also wanted to test my mettle I suppose.

Q: Are there any experiences you feel have defined you during your time serving?

A: I would say my defining experiences from serving would be the unique opportunities I’ve had, including deployment to Afghanistan, training and working with special units, and operating equipment that some people will never have the opportunity to. Most of all, the relationships I’ve built with my fellow Soldiers are stronger than a usual friendship.

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