Honoring his father

Larry Dorn poured years of research and effort into a tribute to his father, Russell Dorn, in a book titled “Russell Dorn: A Tribute,” sharing that “he was a good dad. He deserved this.”

The role of the parent is one of the most important and influential in the lives of children. This is especially true for Fergus Falls resident, Larry Dorn, who took the experiences of his father and transformed the stories into a book, “Russell Dorn: A Tribute.”

Russell (Russ) Dorn was a World War II (WWII) veteran who came back from the war and shared his experiences openly with his family. In addition to his stories, his wife saved all of his letters, medals and other war memorabilia, which later landed in the lap of his son, Larry Dorn. “I wanted to do something with it,” Larry shared, “and my dad was a good dad.” Unable to pinpoint exactly when he decided to write a tribute book, Larry suspects that the actual writing of the book took approximately three years, but he spent at least two before it studying the materials used for composition.

“Russell Dorn: A Tribute” is the story of Russell Dorn’s time during and after WWII. At the encouragement of a good friend, Larry decided that the book would be a good homage to his father. “At first I (wrote) it for the family, but then, after working with a great editor, Jane Geisinger, I decided to keep going.” His extensive research also included guided trips to various WWII sites, including some where his father was known to have been located. During one of his trips, he was blessed in being able to share the experience with his grandson, who has developed an affinity for WWII’s history, as well. 

Throughout the course of his project, Larry had to learn the ins and outs of the self-publishing process, meeting with attorneys and learning about copyright laws as he worked on his tribute piece. His finished work is a 191-page hardcover book with a glossy dust jacket displaying a photograph of his father in his military uniform. The book is page after page of WWII history and Russell Dorn’s personal stories of his time during the war. There are a barrage of photographs and inclusions of letters written from Russell and about Russell and his fellow soldiers, including a very heartwarming letter between military wives following the death of their husband. 

“He deserved this,” Larry  said in regards to the tribute he wrote in his father’s name. 

Victor Lundeen’s is hosting a book-signing event for Dorn on Thursday from 2-4 p.m. Dorn will be present with copies of his tribute book and books will remain at Lundeen’s for sale after the close of the book signing.

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