Two men not properly trained or certified were seen removing a pontoon boat from Pickerel Lake in Maine Township Aug. 11 with zebra mussels attached to its sea-legs.

The men told an aquatics invasive species inspector the pontoon boat had previously been on a lake known to have the invasive species.

According to an Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office release, contact with the two men was made a short time after the initial report at 11 a.m. The two men were cited for their offense along with other traffic violations.

At this time it cannot be determined if the zebra mussels came from Pickerel Lake, considered to be one of the cleanest in Otter Tail County, or if it came from the previous lake which was infested. A deputy sheriff was able to collect a sample and believes the mussels did not come from Pickerel, but could not be sure.

All people removing watercraft or water-related equipment, including docks and boat lifts for hire, must be trained and certified as a Lake Service Provider or an employee of a Lake Service Provider. A  certified document must be carried and the holder must be able to produce it when prompted.


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