All eyes on you

The bus that Ottertail Minn-Dakota Coaches decorated for students. The bus has been parked next to the business for the last couple weeks and is a symbol of how much the bus company and staff miss the students.

With so many things changed by the coronavirus pandemic, many community members are wondering when things will get back to normal. Many have expressed how much they miss doing the things that they were able to do before any stay-at-home order or closure. Some miss those that they interacted with from day to day. For staff at Ottertail Minn-Dakota Coaches, they miss the students who rode their buses Monday through Friday during the school year.

In light of the pandemic, office and tour manager Dawn Clark thought of a way for the bus company to show students just how much they miss them — by decorating a bus and letting them know.

“I came up with the idea, while our mechanics and I decorated the bus,” said Clark. “I even sewed the mask.”

Clark had noticed that several bus companies across the United States were doing different things for the Class of 2020. She even mentioned that one bus company had lined up all their buses to depict “2020” and took an aerial photo. The decision to decorate the bus and put a message to the students was their way of showing that missed them.

“We have had parents and students come up and take pictures standing next to the bus. We just want to let the students know that we miss them,” Clark added.

Clark stated that the bus has been in front of Ottertail Minn-Dakota Coaches for around two weeks and plans to keep it up through Friday.

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