Greater Fergus Falls (GFF) is pleased to announce that Farmers State Bank (FSB) of Underwood has expanded into Fergus Falls, their fourth location in the area. The bank is located in the former Goodwill building at 204 W. Cavour Ave.

With locations in Underwood, Dalton and Rothsay, an expansion made sense to serve their growing customer base, many of which live and work in Fergus Falls. As a locally owned, community bank, FSB can provide customers with options that larger institutions simply do not offer, such as in-house lending and timely decisions tailored to meet individual lending needs. FSB is also proud to provide a range of free deposit products with remote access capability and offer interest bearing consumer and commercial accounts with rates well above competing products in the market.

Kellen Shebeck said, “We believe we can serve the Fergus Falls community well, and are excited to be a part of the Greater Fergus Falls family.”

Branch Manager Darren Krein said, “Farmers State Bank has a long standing tradition of lending in Otter Tail County. Having a branch in Fergus Falls was an easy decision in that we have served clients in Fergus for decades. We look forward to serving the community as well as helping all of our clients flourish!”

Because FSB staff all live and work in our local communities, they are aware of the needs of the communities and are well-suited to structure services and products to meet those needs. Their staff is also proud to serve the communities they live and work in, in a variety of capacities, including Lion and Legion members, local service groups, schools and churches. By expanding in Fergus Falls, the bank not only filled a vacant building but created 4 additional jobs and are currently hiring for one more position.

GFF CEO Annie Deckert says, “We’re excited to welcome Farmers State Bank, their employees and services into our community. They have created four new jobs and are looking to hire one for one more position. They have hit the ground running through providing financing for some of our existingbusinesses, looking to expand. We look forward to helping them grow!”

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