On your mark, get set, go! Trena Martinson took off as she went up and down the aisles at Service Food in Fergus Falls Saturday as the annual Fergus Falls Noon Kiwanis and Service Food’s Supermarket Sweep got underway.

Martinson won the opportunity to race around the local grocery store after her name was drawn during the group’s raffle. Tickets were sold through Sept. 30 and Martinson’s name was pulled during the raffle on Oct. 1.

After finding out she had one, Martinson was reluctant to participate. “I should give it away,” Martinson joked when she found out she was doing the sweep. “I don’t really want the publicity.”

After figuring out the rules for the sweep, Martinson was going to “do like everyone else and hit the meat aisle.”

“Then go down the far aisle and see where I am at and how many seconds I have left,” Martinson added.

At 2 p.m., the supermarket was cleared as Martinson took off from the entrance and made her way through the produce aisle. As per her plan of attack, Martinson loaded up on a variety of meat products before heading down into the dairy aisle. Filling one cart, Martinson passed off her first cart and finished out her final 30 seconds bouncing from aisle to aisle finding specific items.

At the end of the sweep, Martinson finished with about $620 worth of groceries. A good haul for a few minutes in the store.

The proceeds from the raffle will be going toward the re-creation and upgrade of NP Park to an all-inclusive playground.


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