While Minneapolis residents have reportedly been subjected to a number of violent carjackings, Fergus Falls Police Department Capt. Terry Eldien said Monday he has not seen a major rise in local car thefts during that time.

A Fargo television station reported Oct. 21 that a Chevrolet pickup had been stolen from a business on West Lincoln Avenue in Fergus Falls Oct. 20. The report went on to say it was the third vehicle theft in the city in 2 ½ weeks.

While he did not recall any carjackings in Fergus Falls during his tenure, Eldien did offer some advice for local drivers as the cold weather season approaches.

‘I guess the takeaway for me would be that we are coming into the cold season and people sometimes want to leave their cars running to warm up when they go in the store,” Eldien said. “My warning would be always be sure your car is secured. Don’t leave it running, don’t leave your keys in it even if you're going into the store for five minutes. Bad things can happen. It’s not common but it certainly can happen.”

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