Recognizing a problem and doing something about it are two different things!

Missionaries Dirk and Bobbie Currier will be speaking at Abundant Life Assembly of God on Aug. 25 at 10:30 a.m.

Dirk and Bobbie Currier were formerly pastors in Chicago,  for four years and in Perham. For 14 years and are now missionaries overseas to Southeast Asia helping find and free children who have been bought and sold into the sex trade market.

Dirk and his wife have been involved for many years bringing an awareness of the issue of human trafficking stateside and have been traveling for the past five years overseas where they have helped with the children who have been rescued and have been participating in search and rescue operations identifying, locating and working on bringing rescue to the children.

Every 30 seconds a child is sold for the purpose of sexual favors with predators.

It is estimated that over 27 million people are sold each year.

It is estimated that $32 billion dollars a year is generated by human trafficking.

In Southeast Asia and other parts of the world, women and boys wear a number and are then chosen by that number by a customer who then decides if they want to buy that person for the evening or longer. In the city that the Curriers will be living in, it is estimated that over 30,000 women are for sale, not counting the children and that nearly 12 million people a year from all over the world travel to this city.

Dirk and Bobbie will be sharing their hearts desire of “Changing Numbers to Names.”

The public is invited to come and hear the firsthand stories behind many of the numbers that they have sat with and heard their stories. They all have a number and they all have a story, they just do not have an audience to share it with.


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