Planting the seeds: Members of the Fergus Falls Parks and Recreation department plant flowers in a new flower bed at Lake Alice Park, located at the northeast corner of the lake.

Last week we remembered the 1919 cyclone that tore through Fergus Falls, and saw many photos and heard many stories of the devastation around Lake Alice. Today, even after the debris has been cleaned up and trees replanted, the city is still making a push to improve Lake Alice, and the most recent operation was the installation of a flower bed and water fountain with dog bowl in the northeast corner of Lake Alice, where the monument remembering victims of the cyclone sits.

The flower bed and fountain were paid for by the Inga Johnson Trust, run by West Central Initiative, which put money aside for the beautification of Lake Alice. The fund was established by Inga Johnson before her death in 1998 with the intention to provide benefits for people living in and around the Fergus Falls area.

The flower bed, new drinking fountain and realigning the Lake Alice sign were a part of Phase I improvements to the northeast corner of Lake Alice. This week, the Fergus Falls Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department will be leveling out that corner so it’s less of a mound, as well as hydroseeding and lowering the grass edge. A plaque will be added to the front of the flower bed once everything is completed.

Apart from this project, Parks, Recreation and Forestry also added two new flower beds at Veteran’s Park near the monument last week, ahead of the upcoming July 4 holiday.


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