The Fergus Falls City Council in a regular session on June 6, discussed rental agreement policies for the almost completed Riverfront Pavilion structure, part of Phase I of the Downtown Riverfront Project.

Community development manager, Klara Beck, detailed to the council how a few changes had been made to the policies and presented them for the approval of the council.

The basic fee setup will call for an application, $100 deposit and $100 per day rental lease agreement.

“Some users may be required to demonstrate that they have the required liability insurance; however, not all users will be required to demonstrate liability insurance. The users who are likely to have to demonstrate this would be organizations holding larger events with large groups of people,” stated Beck.

Beck also stated that the Fergus Falls Farmers Market will have its own agreement with the City of Fergus Falls.

The only other sidebar discussion that took place between council members and city attorney, Rolf Nyklemoe, regarded the discretion of the city to disallow groups that were too controversial to be able to rent — referenced were the Klu Klux Klan or satanic organizations in principle. It was decided that, for now, they would leave that out of the user agreement, but could come back to the topic at a later date if the need arose.

The rental agreements and policies were ultimately approved by the council.

In other council business, in the consent agenda a resolution accepting a $2,400 donation from West Central Initiative from the Inga Johnson Endowment fund was approved for park and recreation programs in the city as well as a resolution accepting donations for the purchase of equipment for a parks and recreation curling club.

A resolution was passed accepting the donation of 37 personal protective hoods from the Minnesota Firefighters Association.

The next meet up for the council will be the Committee of the Whole meeting on June 15, at 7 a.m. Also on the calendar is the City of Fergus Falls 150th Birthday Party at the Riverfront Pavilion on June 30. This will be the first major event to be held at the facility.

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