Residents driving down East Mt. Faith Avenue on Monday morning may have noticed an open fire hydrant flushing out into the road. While the fire department occasionally opens hydrants to check pressure, rate of flow and water quality, this time it’s the city’s engineers flushing a newly installed water main.

“It’s to flush out the water that’s full of chlorine right now, they’re disinfecting the pipes, so they’re flushing out the strong chlorine,” said Fergus Falls Public Works director Len Taylor. After it’s flushed, “Then they have to let it sit, and then they have to take a bacteria test. That has to pass, the sample is taken out to our water plant laboratory and if it passes the bacteria test then everything is fine; if it doesn’t pass, that means they have to rechlorinate and reflush. Hopefully it’s just the one time.”

Troy Hauge, the city engineer in charge of the construction on East Mt. Faith, says, “We flush it out when we put a water main into service. We have to flush it all out so they can do a bacterial test so people can get hooked up to it and start drinking the water.” He says the water is safe to touch and play in as long as children and parents are careful with the water pressure.

“There’s a new water main on Sheridan, Summit, Highland and Mount Faith. That whole area,” Hauge explains. “We just flushed it for a couple hours and there was someone from R.L. Larson that was up watching that.” R.L. Larson Construction is the contractor working on the East Mt. Faith project.

While residents weren’t notified of this hydrant flushing, there are no plans to flush any other hydrants related to the East Mt. Faith project.


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