Reverend Harold E. Peterson was ordained into the ministry at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Stone Bank, Wisconsin, 56 years ago and has since served as a pastor in six different parishes over his extensive career; he has also spent years on mission fields ranging from Ethiopia to Madagascar.

Peterson and his wife Susan have four sons and they have called Fergus Falls home since 2011. They are current members of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Brethren Church.

“The word of God, the Bible, has always been a part of my life,” Peterson explains. “We had family devotions every morning and evening, along with participating in Sunday school and other worship services.”

Peterson has written numerous books during his time as a parish pastor, describing the texts as devotional commentaries on “a verse or so” from each chapter of the Bible. “Some chapters are so full of gems of truth that I chose several,” he adds.

“I was in high school when I was led to read the entire Bible over the course of a year,” Peterson comments, noting that he has continued the practice ever since. “No matter how many times I read it through each year, there is always some new truth that I find to refresh and renew my spirit.”

The first book published by Peterson is titled “Alive in Me” and is a devotional book on verses of the New Testament: “The Gospels are rich with the life of Jesus Christ.”

Peterson’s second book focuses on the prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekiel: “The prophets speak to the people of their day to encourage but also warn,” Peterson continues. “They were calling the people back to the covenant. Their message is for us also.”

The following is a list of Peterson’s current published works:

Alive in Me: The Word Is Alive in Me

The Word of the Lord came to the Prophets

The Word of God is Wisdom — currently in the printing stage of publication.

“I find in the word of God encouragement, correction, and instruction on living and also warnings,” Peterson says. “The Bible, the word of God, is the one possession that will always be the most precious item I have.”

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