Otter Tail County Public Health is reaching out to residents and visitors throughout the county’s communities for their help.  Public health is seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases in west-central Minnesota, and that includes Otter Tail County, beginning over the past several weeks.  The community spread of the virus is beginning to increase and public health wants to draw awareness to this early so they can work with the community to stop the virus in its tracks. 

Much of the transmission of COVID-19 being seen is related to informal gatherings, clubs, leagues, sports activities, faith gatherings and social events. Community members’ day-to-day behaviors and interactions with others are having a direct impact on the spread of the virus and causing, yet again, an uptick in cases and positivity rates.

Together community members and public health can impact and stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community and end the pandemic once and for all.  To protect the communities, public health continues to urge residents and visitors to follow the public health prevention guidance of wearing a mask, using social distance, good hand washing, staying home when sick, seeking testing as indicated and getting vaccinated when eligible.  There is a ripple effect of the COVID-19 spread that impacts so many families, businesses and schools.  Together, public health and the community truly do have the power to stop further spread, allow more time for people to receive vaccine for further protection and end the pandemic.

Here is how community members can help public health to reduce community spread:

  • Mask up and use social distancing when interacting with others outside of your household and in public.

  • Help local schools and businesses stay open by masking up and following current guidelines.

  • Speak with others in the community regarding the risk and spread of the virus and encourage them to follow public health prevention measures.

  • Encourage and support those eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to schedule an appointment with a local vaccine provider.

Public health appreciates the community’s support, especially as they look forward to another beautiful Minnesota summer.  Please contact the public health department with any questions or concerns at 218-998-8320 or

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