The Federated Church in Fergus Falls displays messages of hope along Union Avenue.

Drive by Federated Church in Fergus Falls, people will see a hope-filled message displayed on a succession of curbside signs.

The Rev. Doug Dent says he took as his inspiration for the messages the Burma-Shave signs of yesteryear. Burma-Shave was an American brand of brushless shaving cream.

Burma-Shave signs were the humorous and wildly successful marketing technique of the Minneapolis based Burma-Vita company owned by Clinton Odell. The first Burma-Shave signs appeared on U.S. Highway 65 near Lakeville, in 1926 and lined American highways for 37 years until 1963.

“We want to share the good news about God’s love for us in a new and lighthearted way. God is greater than the coronavirus, so we have good reason for hope,” says Dent.

Federated Church’s first message is: “In God we hope but wash with soap!” Dent won’t promise that the messages will always rhyme, but he does promise they will be memorable.

Although Federated Church is not currently offering worship services in the church building, they do offer online devotions (Tuesday and Thursday) and an online worship service on Sunday mornings. Online devotions may be viewed on YouTube by searching “FF Federated.”

Federated Church is located on the corner of N. Union and Summit avenues.

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