Kennedy Secondary School (KSS) students aged 16 and up had the opportunity to receive their first COVID-19 vaccination in a clinic available on campus on Friday. Parents of eligible students were emailed a permission link which they were able to complete electronically if they allowed their child to receive the vaccination. Nearly 60 students, family members, and school staff received their vaccination during the clinic. 

“We were very pleased with the turnout we had and the number of students and families that chose to receive COVID-19 vaccine,” said Otter Tail County Public Health Director Jody Lien. “Across the state we see COVID-19 cases increasing and impacting this age group so removing barriers to vaccine access by providing a clinic onsite was a great way to get this age group protected.”  

Lien explained that as more people become vaccinated, less virus transmission will be seen in the community.  Less virus transmission will help keep students active for in-person learning, sports and activities.  

Families and children aged 16 and older who did not receive vaccines on Friday still have the opportunity to receive the vaccination. This can be done by reaching out to Otter Tail County Public Health via their information line, 218-998-8378 or toll free 833-445-1578. 

“We will work to assist them in finding other vaccine opportunities,” Lien said.

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