Black Friday is generally the day to “shop ‘til you drop,” but the influx of COVID-19 cases have both business and residents rethinking their approach to the traditional day-after-Thanksgiving shopping day. Retail locations have extended their Black Friday deals, offering them both before and after Friday in an effort to encourage social distancing and prevent overcrowding both inside and outside of their stores. So what are people planning to do on Black Friday this year? We asked a number of people and, surprisingly, shopping was scarcely mentioned. Here’s what people plan to do instead:


Kathy Doering, Fergus Falls

“Decorating for Christmas!”


Heidi Kroetch, Fargo

“Wearing stretchy pants and chilling with my kids. We might start decorating for Christmas.”


Mandy Almquist, Fergus Falls

“Sleeping at the cabin.”


Vanessa Whipple, Fergus Falls

“I’ll be planted on the couch binge-watching Netflix!”


Brigette Munsterman,

Fergus Falls

“Staying home, eating leftovers and making turkey wild rice soup.”


Vanessa Roers,

formerly of Fergus Falls

“My regular grocery run at Sam’s. Maybe. Or baking. Or nap. Or binge TV. Or laundry. It’s anyone’s guess!” 


Deanna Forkey, Fergus Falls

“My annual Black Friday tradition is to go out shopping with my best friend, we have been doing this for the last 10-plus years.

Our outing starts at 5 ...  that is 5 p.m. of course. It works for us, we sleep in a bit, the stores have all cleared out and we get to have dinner as well. Since this is 2020 and nothing seems to be following with normal traditions, we are improvising this year! On Friday, I am running up to Fargo to get some of my favorite food (that I can’t find locally) and then drive back home and FaceTime my friend as we eat take-out and shop online together. It’s our way of keeping up with tradition and each other.”


The most common response we received: “Working,” which was shared by many area residents, including Fergus Falls resident Krista Hagberg. 

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