Infinite Signal

Eli Kent (left to right), Kelly Kent and Drew Nelson of Infinite Signal. The Kents made a parody video that received praise from punk rock band Blink 182.

Eli and Kelly Kent got an unexpected surprise this week when Grammy-nominated and MTV Video Music Award winning pop punk band Blink-182 shared a video they made together to their official Facebook page and was liked by band members Mark Hoppus and former member Tom DeLonge. The video is a parody of the band’s song “What’s My Age Again” called “Wash My Hands Again.”

Eli was born and grew up in Fergus Falls before he moved to San Diego in 2015 with his band, Infinite Signal. Kelly, one of the group’s singers and bassist, is from Forest Lake and their drummer, Drew Nelson, is also from Fergus Falls. Living in San Diego, the group is currently under a shelter-in-place order as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We have this Facebook thread with local bands that were just doing parodies of other songs, just to keep us entertained throughout this whole thing,” Eli says. “Honestly we just posted it as a joke on a Facebook thread, and it just kind of took off from there.”

The video was posted on Thursday last week and on Sunday it was shared to the Blink-182 Facebook page where it’s gotten 890,000 views so far. “I don’t even know how it got that far but I’m super happy that it did because (I’m a) lifelong Blink fan and just to see them post it, Mark and Tom posted it online and then Blink 182, it’s just kind of surreal. It’s funny but it’s surreal.”

Eli worked from home before the shelter in place went into effect and his wife, Kelly, works in health care so she still goes into work every day. “So really not much has changed for me other than we stay in a lot more often and try to get what we can at the grocery store,” he says.

On the YouTube page for the video, Eli wrote, “It’s important to note that we are taking COVID-19 seriously and we are aware of the severity of the virus. However, in uncertain & difficult times like these, it’s also important to laugh.”

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