Minnesota again fell short of Gov. Tim Walz’s goal of 5,000 daily coronavirus tests on Sunday, despite the Health Department saying there’s capacity to run twice that number.

The state reported 4,825 tests on Sunday as the number of confirmed cases surpassed 11,000 and 20 more people were reported dead due to COVID-19.

Here are the latest coronavirus statistics:

  • 11,271 confirmed cases via 111,088 tests

  • 578 deaths

  • 1,657 cases requiring hospitalization

  • 434 remain hospitalized; 199 in intensive care

  • 6,882 patients recovered

Walz has said testing 5,000 people every day is critical to reopening the economy. And while supply shortages were faulted with limited testing in the early weeks of the outbreak, Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said the capacity is there — and the initial messaging may be to blame.

"Testing’s available, and providers are telling us that people aren’t coming in. So people aren’t availing themselves of the testing capacity that’s there," Malcolm said Friday. "And we need to do better. We need to do more outreach to make sure people know they can and should be getting tested if they have symptoms."

You can find testing sites for COVID-19 by going to mn.gov/covid19.

Minnesota and other states have begun something of a return to normalcy, with at least 31 states partially reopening after weeks of restrictions. But on Friday, state officials offered a sobering reminder that despite the easing of restrictions here and elsewhere, the fight against the disease is nowhere near done and the damage done is nowhere near complete.

“What I don't think has sunk in yet, this thing is going to be with us at least until we get really good therapeutics, or we get herd immunity, or we get a vaccine,” Walz said.

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