Well, I am bored again as I sit in my house waiting for the pandemic to subside. I keep clicking through channels on TV but despite having over 100, nothing really is catching my eye. I reach into my closet for my DVDs (and a few Blu-rays) for something to watch.

I don’t know how long we will be socially distancing ourselves, but I have a few favorite movies that I will probably go through over the weekend. Here are 10 classics to watch while staying at home.



A great murder mystery that supplies comedy. Tim Curry is amazing in this movie as Wadsworth the butler and it really is a star-studded cast. This movie may be one of the few times that a board game is entertaining without actually playing it.


“Tommy Boy”

This comedy classic is peak Chris Farley and David Spade, you might say they are the Abbott and Costello of my generation. In my mind, this movie is made in the same vein as “Animal House,” a lot of comedy but a strong story to back it up. (“John Hancock, it’s Herbie Hancock.”)



OK. I know I picked “Frozen” but what can I say, the songs in this movie don’t get tiring for me (unless it is played four consecutive times). This also falls in as one of my daughter’s favorite movies and the whole family can watch it.


“Star Wars: Episode IV”

This is the only movie in the “Star Wars” saga that I actually will stop and watch when it is just playing on TV. Classic movie tropes, battle of good and evil and others, make this movie nearly perfect for rewatchability. Also, strong characters that have become household names really help you lose yourself in the sci-fi story.


“Shaun of the Dead”

Well, during the pandemic, you might want to pull out something that involves an epidemic of zombies (if it doesn’t put too much panic on real-life events). Amazing comedic performance by Nick Frost and Simon Peg, while also capitalizing on the zombie craze, this movie shows how a couple of klutzes make it through a zombie-infested area and eventually become unlikely heroes.



If you love a feel good underdog story, “Rudy” is my all-time favorite. Not only is this my favorite college football team but it is a dreamer’s happy ending. Putting forth a goal to play for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and achieving it (albeit just a few plays), Rudy’s can inspire almost anyone.


“The Matrix”

I grew up when this movie was talking about how great DVDs were compared to video cassettes. Bullet time was a big deal in this movie, but what this movie really made me think is that Keanu Reeves can be a respectable action star (see “John Wick” 1-3).


“The Dark Knight”

This is by far the best Batman movie in the Christopher Nolan trilogy. Christian Bale’s Batman is more rounded as he battles with being Batman and Bruce Wayne, while Heath Ledger set the bar high for anyone attempting to be the Clown Prince of Crime.



Yes, I realize that it is late winter/early spring, but this movie showcases some of the best parts of a horror movie. So many classic tropes that have been mimicked by almost every movie after. Also this is a horror movie that uses suspense and the occasional “Hey, did you notice that he was standing outside the window in the classroom scene?” type moments.


“Monty Python and the Holy Grail”

I think this movie is really about taste. If you are older and into high-brow humor, this movie is great. If you are younger and into low-brow humor, this is great. 


Note: Please take the CDC guidelines seriously and stay safe and healthy.


Zach Stich is the managing editor of The Fergus Falls Daily Journal.

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