Although we’re all living in unprecedented times, students are seeing some of the biggest impacts in their daily lives as schools are closed and they’re unable to see their teachers and friends, interrupting schedules they’ve held for as long as they can remember. Many of them have chosen to cope with these changes through artistic expression, leading to a spread of colorful hearts and posters in windows around town. Other students, like Kennedy Secondary School senior Brinn Donais, have turned to music.

Donais wrote a song on ukulele titled “Girl in a Glass Bubble” about how she’s feeling during the pandemic, how she misses her friends and hopes to see them again. She wrote and performed the song for her parents and the next day her mom was listening to MPR Morning Edition when they asked for submissions from local artists. “I had played my song for her the day before and so she sent the link to me. I had some spare time on my hands that day and decided to go for it and record and submit my song. I never thought it would actually be played or that it would get over twelve thousand views on Facebook,” Donais says.

When MPR emailed her to say they were going to be playing her song the next morning, Donais was stunned. “When I read the email I got so nervous because I have never really sang with my ukulele in front of anyone other than my family and friends. So having such a big station play my song was pretty nerve racking, but I truly felt like the message in my song should be heard so I stuck with it,” she says. “It was crazy to me that my song was on the radio!”

Although she’d never written a song before now, Donais has a passion for music. At school, she’s a part of the a capella choir, the chamber singers group, wind ensemble, marching band, pep band and chamber orchestra. “Basically every single music (elective) that is offered,” she says. “I play cello, bass clarinet, clarinet, quints, piano, ukulele and sing soprano in choir.”

Although she plans to study biology on a pre-med track at Concordia College in Moorhead next year, she’s considering minoring in music as a way to continue keeping up with a hobby she loves.

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