The Daily Journal is the number one local source of news and information concerning the coronavirus outbreak. No other area media network is focusing solely on our community and the impact this virus is having on our day-to-day lives.

We work hard and are committed to bringing you factual and critical information as quickly as we can. Our professionally trained journalists are focused on the coronavirus and its local impacts, and we are working continuously to bring you updates and full coverage, while also covering non-pandemic news that’s important to you.

The spirit of the lakes area is stronger than ever as we face the adversity of the unknown. The citizens of Otter Tail and surrounding counties embody the definition of hard-working, salt of the earth people who do what needs to be done, not only in their daily lives, but especially in times of crisis. We pull together and we help each other. We support each other and support our local businesses.

The reality is that this crisis is directly impacting local business and our economy is changing. The leadership at The Daily Journal is aggressively looking at ways to ensure we continue to provide important daily news coverage in an environment of significant advertising loss. I’m asking for your support to help sustain local journalism and our business by subscribing to The Daily Journal. If you’re already a subscriber, our staff thanks you. If you’re not, please do so and advocate to our neighbors to do so as well. 

If you have not signed up for the e-edition, which comes with your newspaper subscription, I urge you to do so immediately. Call our office at 218-736-7511 to get assistance from our circulation clerk in setting that up.

We also recommend you download our free app to your smartphone or tablet. Just search Fergus Falls Journal in your app store, whether on an Apple or Android device. You will get breaking news delivered to you, wherever you are. 

All of our coronavirus coverage is free for anyone to read as a community service, but your paid subscription gives you access to the entirety of our news coverage and ensures we can continue to deliver you news that’s important to you. 

Now more than ever, you need to be connected to the very latest news and information, regardless of the device. We thank you for your patronage, and ask that you support local journalism.

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