On the road: Otter Tail County Commissioners John Lindquist (back, left to right), Wayne Johnson, Lee Rogness (front), Betty Murphy and Doug Huebsch will take the meeting on the road on June 25 and Sept. 17.

County commissioners are elected by and serve the residents of Otter Tail County. In order to engage those they serve, the county commissioners are coming to the residents of District 4 with a board meeting on June 25 at 4 p.m. at the Henning Community Center. Local youth groups and mayors are participating. A meet and greet will take place following the meeting. Residents are invited to the meeting and encouraged to stay for refreshments.

“Otter Tail County is a very large and diverse county.  As commissioners, it’s very important for us to visit all areas of the county, in order to understand each community’s specific challenges and opportunities,” remarked board chair, Doug Huebsch.

In March, the Board of Commissioners met at City Hall in Perham. Regular county business was held with a meet-and-greet opportunity following the meeting. Time was reserved for residents to speak one on one with commissioners in an open format.

Nidaros 4-H of the Henning area will present about their work as a Youth in Action Recycling Team for the county and the Country Bumkins 4-H group of Parkers Prairie will share the numerous community service projects their group completes. Mayor Gene Kelm, Battle Lake, Mayor Myron Leuders, Ottertail City and Mayor Darren Wiese of Henning will be attending to highlight the events and services of their cities.

Betty Murphy, District 4, represents the Henning and southeast area of the county. She was elected in 2018 and serves on several committees such as the Land Services Division Committee, Lakeland Mental Health and Criminal Justice Advisory Council to name a few. Residents are encouraged to attend the meeting to meet their new commissioner.

Do you know who your county commissioner is? Visit the interactive webpage and click on the area of the county you live to find out ottertailcountymn.us/board/board-of-commissioners.

The county is divided into five districts with one commissioner from each district. Each commissioner is elected by the people in his/her district and serves a four-year term.

On Sept. 17, the Board of Commissioners will meet in the Pelican Rapids library at 4 p.m. with further opportunities to meet and visit with commissioners one on one. To sign up for notifications of board meetings or to be included on an agenda please visit ottertailcountymn.us/board/board-of-commissioners.


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