At 6:31 p.m. Thursday the sheriff’s office received a report of a vehicle off the road on County Highway 75, 2 miles north of U.S. Highway 10 in Bluffton Township.

The occupant of the vehicle was unable to tell the deputy answering the call who the vehicle belonged to. He also told the deputy he had lost the ignition key. The deputy noted the ignition appeared to have been damaged and observed a screwdriver on the floor of the vehicle.

The deputy had the driver exit the vehicle and sit in the rear of his squad car because he had no coat and was only wearing a T-shirt and jeans. 

The deputy was given permission to search the vehicle and in the process found a purse and some financial cards. The Wadena County Sheriff’s Office was able to give the deputy a phone number for the owner of the property and that person confirmed the driver had permission to use the vehicle. 


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