Not opened:  The Pelican Rapids Dairy Queen Grill & Chill has been closed since Monday. Questions remain as to why the popular spot closed.

The Dairy Queen Grill & Chill at 1121 S. Broadway in Pelican Rapids has been temporarily closed since Monday according to Pelican Rapids City Administrator Don Solga.

Admitting his information did not come first-hand, Solga said Thursday, “We don’t know much about it. I heard about it by word of mouth.”

Solga was told the employees of the Pelican Rapids business were informed last Friday that Sunday would be their final day of work.

Patrons of the popular Pelican Rapids restaurant have been quiet about the sudden decision to close.

“Because there was no forewarning (to the closing) so I guess it’s a surprise,” Solga said, commenting on reaction within the community. “Not too many people have commented to me about it.”

Solga pointed out the business has always been a busy one, especially during the summer months. Solga added the Pelican Rapids food business is in a great location, being close to schools and athletic fields and being located on state Highway 59 - the main highway between I-94 and Detroit Lakes.

Solga said the hope around Pelican Rapids is that the business reopens as a Dairy Queen franchise.

The business is owned by Charles Anderson of Anderson Franchise Investments.

According to the Wahpeton Daily News, Anderson’s Dairy Queen Grill & Chill restaurant in Wahpeton has been closed since at least Tuesday, Nov. 5.

The restaurant, located at 1626 Commerce St., has no signs indicating the reason for the closure as of Wednesday, Nov. 6.

Attempts have been made by The Daily Journal and the Daily News to contact Anderson without reply.


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