Shelby Tabbut

This is the first of several letters to the editor provided by Kennedy Secondary School students.


COVID-19 vaccines have recently been distributed out to the public, which some might think the vaccine is dangerous due to its fast production and development. The mRNA vaccine doesn’t contain the live virus in the actual vaccine, which means it can’t infect us with COVID-19. Many people have been skeptical about taking the vaccine, but I think it’s wise if more people consider the possibility of trying it to help get the community running efficiently and faster.

If someone were to take the vaccine, it is proven that it will not mess with the DNA or cause diseases. There are some side effects when taking the vaccine, but they are considered normal and shouldn’t last long. Some of the side effects could include swelling where the shot was received, headaches, tiredness and fever. My sister-in-law received the vaccine a while ago and only showed signs of swelling. I noticed that after a few days, it didn’t seem to bother her. It is important that people understand that by not taking the vaccine, they could possibly spread the virus without them knowing it. 

If everyone were to take the vaccine when they got the chance, the spread of the virus would be less rapid. COVID-19 vaccines are FDA approved or licensed making sure that they are safe to the public. When people take the vaccine, it’s getting the community one step closer to going back to normal. This vaccine has opened up more opportunities to go do things without fear of others or having to wear a mask every time we go out. 

We tend to be scared of changes and the unknown. That’s why it’s important to learn about the vaccine and embrace it. The vaccine has been tested before and doesn’t even contain the actual virus in it. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to this pandemic because by not taking the vaccine, someone could be the cause of another’s illness. We need to think of how our actions affect others and not just our own. 


Shelby Tabbut

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