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Maddy Godwin is a graduate of Kennedy Secondary School and is attending the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks.

This is one in a series of articles written by students who received scholarships in 2017 awarded through the Fergus Falls Area Dollars for Scholars chapter. The purpose of these articles is to thank the community for its support of students and their higher education goals.


After four years of hard work in high school, I was absolutely ecstatic to move on to my next chapter in life. In my search for colleges, I was looking for a university that would hold many opportunities and allow me to pursue the best education I could get. The University of North Dakota held those opportunities and so many more than I could have imagined. Being a nursing major, it was an easy choice to make; UND has one of the best nursing programs in the area.

This year was certainly far from any expectation I had of what my freshmen year would bring. The COVID-19 pandemic came crashing down on all of us and changed the fundamental ways in which we receive our education. I replaced in-person classes with Zoom meetings and, as a result, it was difficult to meet new people, yet not impossible. I did what my generation does best, made friends virtually. Those little faces in the boxes started to become familiar between classes, so we followed each other on social media and we can keep up with each other without coming in close contact.

This is not to say that I haven't enjoyed my time at UND so far. I have taken many classes that I absolutely loved. This past semester I was a part of two different choruses through the UND Music Program. The first being the Allegro Women's choir and the second being an auditioned group, Vevo women's choir. While I only plan to continue in Vevo, I loved every second of each of these groups. Music has always been important to me and I was thrilled when I was able to continue singing with my peers.

I felt to have the full “college experience,” it was important that I learned how to balance school and a part-time job. I currently work as a pharmacy technician at CVS in Grand Forks. While this is not my first job, it is certainly a favorite. I get to work with medications and learn what they do. I feel that this will give me more information that will be extremely valuable when I enter the nursing program.

Coming into UND I had about a year’s worth of transfer credits from M State. The concurrent enrollment program through Kennedy Secondary School is certainly a blessing. This allowed me to enter college more prepared and with less financial responsibility. This coupled with the Constance Rostad Nursing Scholarship and the generosity of the Dollars for Scholars donors, I was able to save a significant amount of money going into my freshman year.

I find it difficult to express just how much gratitude I have for the Fergus Falls Area Dollars for Scholars chapter. The Fergus Falls community is a close-knit one. We support one another when we can, which the Dollars for Scholars donors exemplify. I extend my most heartfelt thanks to each one of you. My college education would certainly not be the same without you.


Maddy Godwin is a 2020 graduate of Kennedy Secondary School and is currently attending the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. She is the recipient of the Constance Rostad Scholarship as well as a Dollars For Scholars Scholarship. For information on making a donation for scholarships, contact Fergus Falls Area Dollars for Scholars, 601 W Randolph Ave, Fergus Falls, MN 56537.

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