This is one in a series of articles written by students who received scholarships in 2019 awarded through the Fergus Falls Area Dollars for Scholars chapter.   The purpose of these articles is to thank the community for its support of students and their higher education goals.


I am a student at NEOMA Business School in Rouen, France. I will be pursuing my four-year degree in international business administration. I am hoping to use this degree to work in finance within the sports industry. My first semester is going very well. I am near the top of my promotion before finals and I will be working to stay there through the remaining semester and the next three years.

Going to a foreign country can be very intimidating, but I am learning more each day through this challenge. In the end, I believe having this kind of experience will benefit me. I also enjoy meeting a diverse set of people each day, as my school has a high international student population. Learning a new culture and living it has been very fun as well.

French is a challenging language, but I feel myself getting better every day.  Soon I will be looking for an internship where I will be able to use the skills I have gained this past semester. I am looking forward to starting my professional career.

I want to thank Faye Sample, as donor of the Sample Memorial Scholarship, for taking away some of the burden of paying for college and a thank you to the Fergus Falls Area Dollars for Scholars for administering scholarships like these in order to help many students like myself lower the financial burden that college can bring. I am grateful for every cent that I have graciously been given.  This scholarship will help me be able to become the professional I plan to be.


Sam Eggen is a 2019 graduate of Fergus Falls High School and is currently attending the NEOMA Business School in Rouen, France.  He is the recipient of the Sample Memorial Scholarship. For information on making a donation for scholarships, contact Fergus Falls Area Dollars for Scholars, 601 W Randolph Ave., Fergus Falls, MN   56537.


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