Hope Goepferd

My name is Hope Goepferd and I am an internship student through the Fergus Falls High School. I am currently a senior and plan to attend UND in the fall of 2022. I have been interested in UND for many years. I decided to apply to this school because of their amazing and well-known therapy masters program.

Throughout this semester, I have been doing my internship based on my desire to be a physical therapist. I have recently worked and job shadowed at New Dimensions and now I am currently working with Lake Region Healthcare. I decided to participate in the internship experience because I thought that it would be a fun and educational way for me to learn about what it is like to work in all different types of environments when I pursue a physical therapy career one day. So far, I have really loved this experience and I have really enjoyed all of the people I have worked with.

Through New Dimensions I experienced different types of tasks such as going into client homes and seeing how to treat someone after a surgery or joint replacement. I got to see how this type of therapy is more on the occupational side. Also, I have been able to work in the therapy gym in the hospital and see all different types of injuries and how many different types of therapies are applied. I thought that this part of my internship was very interesting because of the more diverse range of therapy treatments that I got to view.

I think that my biggest takeaway from this experience so far has been the different types of care administered to clients in the home healthcare setting and in the hospital setting. Having this option of going from different workplace settings is really important to me because it has helped me so much in determining what kind of workplace I would like to work in one day. I think that it is really important for a student to be involved in an internship like this because it gives you such a good idea of what your work field of choice would be and it can really help you decide overall what you wish to go to college for. I think that every student should try to have an internship because I have loved mine — it is an awesome experience overall and it is a good way for our school to be more involved in our community.

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