Crying wolf

Zoey Petrick plays a sheep while Libbie Diestler and Leif Rogers play an old woman and an old man in “Fool Me Once...Twice,” the children’s play that will be performed at A Center for the Arts Saturday.

A Centre for the Arts Children’s Theatre will be presenting their own version of one of the most famous of all Aesop’s Fables Saturday afternoon in downtown Fergus Falls.

“Fool Me Once...Twice” is adapted from Aesop’s “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” about a boy who learns a timeless moral lesson about playing practical jokes and loses the trust of others.

According to Director Michael Burgraff, the 2 p.m. performance will cast 16 young thespians from grades one through six.

Like the shepherd boy in the original fable, Burgraff’s job as director is to keep an eye on his flock.

“My job is to make sure they don’t pile up on one side of the stage,” Burgraff jokes.

Some of his other directions include “speak louder” and “turn around.”

“We’re exceedingly low tech because we don’t want anything taking attention away from the performers,” Burgraff said. 

The play that will be performed Saturday is a creation of the cast. They even write their own lines. There are no sets and only a few props. For having only 19 days of rehearsal, Burgraff feels his winter company has done quite well. Like any director, Burgraff harbors a few concerns.

His experience with past children’s theatre performances has been that when the actual play is presented, the adrenaline takes over and the actors have a tendency to rush through their lines.

“They forget to take those dramatic pauses,” Burgraff said. “If it goes a half an hour we will be very surprised.”

Burgraff expects performing before an audience on Saturday to bring out the best in his cast. 

“We will see a completely different performance,” he said 

The general admission price for attending the performance is $5 per person. Tickets can be purchased by calling 218-736-5453. A Center for the Arts is located at 124 W. Lincoln Ave.


The Cast

Parker CarlsonNarrator

Libbie DiestlerOld Woman

Paisley Garvin                    Flower Seller

Leif RogersOld Man

Gus KrohnMail Man

Justus JorgensonSheriff

Mackynzie ArnettMayor

Iszabella Arnett          Mayor Assistant

Isaac SteenSheep

Zoey PetrickSheep

Sarah EkelundSheep

Evy SchroederLittle Lamb

Marissa HolmbeckShepherd

Lucy SchroederShepherd

Amari OlsonShepherd

Rowyn HarromWolf

Thea CarlsonWolf

Alexis Krafnick          Student Director

Michael BurgraffDirector

Alison Olson                        Ass. Director


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