The first dog park to ever be built in the city limits of Fergus Falls is one step closer to reality after a presentation from Fergus Falls Public Works Director Len Taylor at Wednesday’s Committee of the Whole meeting. 

Taylor said they are at the point in the creation of the park for choosing a name. He said in discussions with the park board and checking with land records to see how the city acquired the land,  it was determined it was deeded to the city from the Adams family. The family gave the city the Adams Park and Grotto Park area which included the area across Grotto Lake on Channing Avenue. 

Taylor added, “So it was suggested that we check with the heirs of the Adams family, and they had a family pet for many years, a beagle, named Higgins, and it turned out that was something that they would be in agreement with.”

According to the public works department, with final council approval expected at the next regular meeting on Monday, construction of the park would be happening within the next month and a half or so. A water line for a drinking fountain will be put into the land, along with other amenities which will include a faux hydrant or two, and some large tires and other playground items specifically tailored for dogs.

The new dog park will be located at 732 E. Channing Ave. in the lot between LB Homes and CrossRoads Church.

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