Rotary treats

Lake Region Healthcare employees enjoying the treats delivered to them through the Sunrise Rotary Honoring OUR Healthcare Workers project.  

OUR local health care workers unselfishly stand ready to respond during community emergencies, in severe weather conditions and in the uncertain times we are currently experiencing.

They can be depended on whether they are neighbors or strangers; whether they are young or more well-seasoned caregivers.  They remain positive and professional to help people through the toughest times. They may provide direct patient care or may serve a support role in a health care facility. Each of them is important and indispensable.

To recognize the valuable service of our local health care workers, Fergus Falls Sunrise Rotary has initiated the “Honoring OUR Healthcare Workers” project.

Each week, all staff members in a section of a health care facility are surprised with a tasty locally prepared treat to thank them for their valuable work.  The treats are prepared, packaged and purchased from local restaurants and caterers, providing them some additional business during the COVID 19 crisis.  Restaurants and caterers deliver the treats in coordination with the Sunrise Rotary “Honoring OUR Healthcare Workers” committee.

On Monday, June 15, the first delivery was made to several departments at Lake Region Healthcare, including the walk-in clinic, the cancer center, Mill Street Residence, and the home medical store.  According to Karen Terry, Sunrise Rotary member, “Delighted staff members enjoyed their bags of trail mix and were grateful to be remembered in this way. A small treat, but a huge gesture that communicates, ‘You are important to us.’”

Sunrise Rotary has provided seed money for the project, but this is meant to be a community-wide venture.  Donations from a wide representation of the community are encouraged.  The public can provide their own thank-you to health care workers by joining Rotary in this endeavor.  Consider a personal donation to help the organization spread their cheer throughout all health care facilities in Fergus Falls.  With generous donations from the community, the organization can provide a united and sincere thank-you to all those people who care for the community.

Donate by personal check through the mail, or online.

Make checks out to “Fergus Falls Rotary Foundation” and write “Honoring OUR Healthcare Workers” or “HOHW” in the memo line.  Mail your check to: PO Box 314, Fergus Falls MN  56538.

Donate online by going to or accessing the Facebook page, “Honoring OUR Healthcare Workers” and click on the link in the first post.

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