Partners in masks

The city of Fergus Falls, Lake Region Healthcare, Downtown Riverfront Council, Greater Fergus Falls and Fergus Falls Area Chamber of Commerce have partnered for the “Wear A Mask FF” campaign.

In a partnership, the city of Fergus Falls, Lake Region Healthcare (LRH), the Downtown Riverfront Council (FFDRC), Greater Fergus Falls (GFF) and the Fergus Falls Area Chamber of Commerce (FFACC) rolled out a public service campaign aimed at community safety as businesses gradually reopen in the city.

The campaign looks to promote the practice of mask wearing while shopping to minimize the risk for the community’s workforce and general public.

“At Greater Fergus Falls, our mission is to support and grow our area business community,” GFF CEO Annie Deckert said. “In these uncertain times, it is important we encourage shopping safely, while supporting increased traffic flow to our businesses.  Choosing to leave your home, similar as choosing to wear a mask, is a personal choice.  This campaign is not a requirement, nor is intended to encourage shaming for those who choose not to mask up.  The purpose is to encourage a positive impact on community health, both physically and economically.”

The group looks to share the message of:

• Encouraging all employees in retail and food services to wear a mask as part of their uniform.

• Encouraging all customers to wear a mask while shopping.

• Sharing the #WearAMaskFF messages on your doors and windows of businesses.

• Sharing the #WearAMaskFF messages on company websites and in email signatures.

• Sharing the #WearAMaskFF messages on personal and company social media platforms.

“Let us be a shining city,” Fergus Falls Mayor Ben Schierer said in a statement. “Not because we wear masks but because we care for one another. Because we look not only to our own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

For more information, visit and search #WearAMaskFF.

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