From the ground up

Balance Gymnastics Center, located at 226 E. Lincoln Ave. in Fergus Falls, looks to help build the foundation of gymnastics in the city.

“Gymnastics helps build a foundation made of stone.” That is the belief of Tiffany Jennen, owner of Balance Gymnastics Center, and it is a belief they base their business model after.

Fergus Falls has had gymnastics for 15-plus years. With growth in the schools, their previous location in Roosevelt School was no longer an option for a 12-month gymnastics program. Tiffany Jennen stepped up to the challenge, purchasing and reinventing the gymnastics program in a new location where yearlong gymnastics could be a reality. As a result, Balance Gymnastics Center was established and has been operating since the spring of 2020. 

Balance Gymnastics Center offers classes for ages 18 months through 18 years. There are three tracks of classes – gym fit is a new, informal track that is less focused on gymnastics and “the exact form of a cartwheel” but more focused on staying active, being fit, and utilizing the space and equipment available. “Jump, Run, Explore” and “Fun Flips and Friends” are the two classes available. 

The more traditional, recreational track goes through the progression of gymnastics and teaches all the skills, but at a lesser commitment of 12 weeks. This track is designed for kids who want to try gymnastics or do them in between their other activities. The final track is “Excel Team,” for gymnasts who can commit to nine months and travel within the tri-state area through USA Gymnastics. The last offering has expanded greatly from what was previously offered in Fergus Falls, stretching the area from which kids can participate outside of the Fergus Falls population. 

“Previously, we didn’t have anything for the Underwood kid,” Jennen explained, “now we can take kids from Underwood, Rothsay, Ashby (and the surrounding areas).”  

In addition to their gymnastics and fitness tracks, Balance Gymnastics Center offers weekend birthday party options that include two hours of programming. Balance Gymnastic Center is excited to offer a gymnastics experience not offered in the area before. 

“The staff has truly done this,” Jennen said. 

With an experienced staff including a USA Gymnastics judge, they have taken things to the next level and are excited about their offerings. 

“This is what gymnastics is supposed to be!” Jennen exclaimed. 

The facility, located in downtown Fergus Falls, boasts Olympic-sized equipment as well as modified equipment, sized especially for gymnasts ages 8 and under. The smaller equipment is new to gymnastics in Fergus Falls and opens up possibilities that weren’t previously available to young gymnasts.

A gymnast herself, Jennen, shared her journey from gymnast to coach to gym owner. 

“I’ve been in gymnastics my entire life. Since I was 3 (years old) I’ve been in the gym every week except for maybe the first year and a half after I moved to Fergus Falls.   A friend kept calling and finally got me back in the gym and I’ve been in the gym every week. Now I’m a grownup and it was really just the next step, it was the top of the peak of accomplishments in gymnastics. Anybody who has done gymnastics and who has been involved this long, this would be the dream and I’m just living out the dream,” Jennen said.

Jennen is excited about the growth already seen in the local gymnastics program and hopes area parents will see what they have to offer. Information regarding Balance Gymnastics Center and their tracks and programs is available at and Jennen is happy to field any questions by email at

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