Siding damaged by pellet or BB gun

A resident on the 700 block of West Cavour Avenue contacted Fergus Falls police on June 12, to report damage they had observed to their siding on their home by a pellet or BB gun. When the officer responded they found three holes of varying sizes over five feet off the ground on the backside of a garage, however they were unable to determine what caused the damage.

Customer causes disturbance

An employee in the electronics department of a large discount store on the 3,000 block of West State Highway 210 contacted Fergus Falls police on June 10, at to report that a male customer was being rude to employees. When police responded. They learned from store staff that the male was causing a disturbance and was attempting to purchase a phone, but was unable to. Store staff wanted the man removed off the property. Police say he complied.

Too many coffees and cookies

An employee at a bank on the 100 block of East Washington Avenue requested to speak to an officer with Fergus Falls police to discuss trespassing issues and unwanted patrons in the bank on June 10. Upon an officer’s arrival it was learned from bank staff that an unwanted individual had been stopping in there for the last few months for coffee and cookies. The staff also reported that lately he had been agitated and they no longer wanted him on the property. The officer advised the staff on how to serve the man a trespass letter and told them to call if there were any additional issues.

Items taken from boat

A resident on the 700 block of South Tower Road reported on June 10, that some items had been taken from a boat. When an officer responded they discovered that various fishing tackle, rods and electronics that were in the boat had been stolen. The total of all items came to approximately $3,250.

Expensive laundry theft

A Fergus Falls resident reported to Fergus Falls police on June 9, in the lobby of the police station, the theft of laundry from an unlisted apartment complex. An officer contacted the property manager and learned no surveillance was available, but the loss was estimated at just over $1,000. The resident was advised to contact police if she learned any further information.

STS crew finds rifle

The Otter Tail Sheriff’s Office reported that on June 9, an Otter Tail County Detention Center Sentence To Serve crew was cleaning out a tax forfeited property on the 200 block of East Oak Avenue in Underwood and located an unsecured .22 caliber rifle. A deputy stated that there was no known owner as the county was the owner of the house and all the property contained therein. The actual date of recovery of the firearm was June 7. The sheriff’s office took possession and is holding it for safe-keeping.

Scraper stolen

A property owner on Pickerel Drive in Main Township reported on June 13, that a yellow Command box scraper for leveling dirt was noticed missing on June 4. The property owner stated that they did not report it missing in case someone they knew had it and simply brought it back. The sheriff’s officer said there are no suspects at this time.

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