First generation farmer and manufacturing technician Brittney Johnson has announced that she will run for the Minnesota House of Representatives in District 8A. 

“This is the first time in over two decades that we will have an open house seat in District 8A,” Johnson said. “I am inspired by the connections we made and the stories we heard campaigning in 2018, and I am committed to finishing what we started during the last election cycle.” 

Johnson graduated summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a degree in plant science, and minors that include economics and international agriculture. She worked as an irrigation technician for County Soil & Water in Perham before making the move to manufacturing. She currently works swing shift as an operator in the Cargill corn mill in Wahpeton. She is responsible for the entirety of her sheep operation and is proud to have forged her own path in the industry.

Child protection is Johnson’s top legislative priority. She supports full service community schools and increased funding for addiction and mental health services and research. She believes that education and early mental health treatment is the most effective way to break cycles of poverty and addiction.

“In 2018, I focused heavily on making health care more affordable and making sure people had good jobs. Those are still important priorities for me, but I have to be honest about the real reason I am running. 

“My childhood included divorce, foreclosure and bankruptcy. I was homeless before I was 18. Addiction has taken one parent from me and estranged me from another. The saving grace in my life was my education and the family that took me in during high school. 

“I am running for the Minnesota House of Representatives because I know that there are still children out there facing the same obstacles. Children who cower under kitchen tables as their parents fight. Children who worry about whether or not their parents are going to make it home that night. Children who cannot plan or hope for the future because they have absolutely no sense of stability. 

“I am running for them. For their safety and for their futures.”


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