Remembering baby Henry

:  A picture of baby Henry Anderson, a Barnesville infant who died in April. A group has organized the “Justice for Baby Henry” walk/run Saturday at Blue Eagle Park in Barnesville.

bars and the swings. So she is wanting to do more toddler toys, like a little teeter-totter, spring-loaded (bounce toys), a small slide; she also wants to put a memory bench there and update the picnic table,” says Lohse. “She’s been throwing out ideas left and right, she just wants someplace that people can go and remember Henry.”

Anderson was allegedly murdered by a foster parent who was in the process of adopting him and the case is slowly making its way through the court system. Part of Saturday’s walk/run is raising awareness. “Our swag bags have the child abuse awareness ribbon charms and bracelets as well, and I know Lakeland Mental Health is donating some bags and pamphlets regarding mental health and mental illness,” says Lohse.

There will also be a raffle for baskets of goods. “We are doing some raffle baskets, so they can buy raffle tickets and put in for whatever basket they are hoping to win, so we are going to do that at the walk as well,” Lohse says. “As of right now we have like 21 different baskets, we’ve got a cooler with grilling packets, some self-care items, there’s one with some North Face gloves and wall decor.”

Registration opens at 9 a.m. with the walk/run starting at 10 a.m., rain or shine. Registration costs $30.

There is also a GoFundMe page ( to help raise $7,500 for the park. As for how much they hope to raise on Saturday, Lohse says there’s no real goal in mind. “This is kind of our last fundraising effort and then whatever is raised through here and on our GoFundMe page will be what we have to work with for the park. The more the better,” she says.

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