Unidentified network activity on computer systems has prompted Lake Region Healthcare to begin an investigation, according to Kent Mattson, CEO. The resulting unavailability of some computer systems has caused disruption to certain operations, said Mattson. “Our patients and staff are safe, but some of our patient care and business service systems are not fully functioning,” he said. “We are utilizing downtime processes for continuity of care, while staff work around the clock with computer specialists to see what caused the disruption, confirm impact, and restore down systems.

“We have substantial internal and external resources dedicated to restoring systems, and our investigation will be ongoing until it is resolved,”  Mattson said. “We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time. We are dedicated to serving our patients and business partners,” he said. Patients are encouraged to call their provider’s office prior to confirm scheduled appointments or with any questions or concerns, and to bring any current medications with them to their appointment.”

According to Mattson, LRH has implemented protocols designed for times of interruptions in their computer systems so they are able to continue providing services. “Our efforts are focused on providing safe patient care while working to ensure data and information is safeguarded.

“We will issue a public announcement when systems have been fully restored so that patients attempting to make payments or other to access other services affected by the outage will know we are back online,” Mattson said.

Mattson said they will provide relevant updates when available, but no timeline or other details are currently available. The outage impacts Lake Region Healthcare locations in Fergus Falls, Battle Lake, Ashby and Barnesville.

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