As the snow melts and the sun stays up longer, some of us may start to see more of the dust in our homes. Spring cleaning is a great time to freshen up a home. Jamie Wallace with Calla Lily Designs in Fergus Falls offered some advice for those looking to bring some light into their homes as the warm weather blows in.

Wallace established Calla Lily Designs in 2010. She graduated from North Dakota State University with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and a minor in Business. “I changed course on my career path after taking an elective design class my senior year of high school,” Wallace said. “I fell in love with the design process and knew I wanted to pursue that passion full on.”

Springtime is a busy season for Calla Lily designs as clients plan for events such as graduation. Wallace said that spring is also the time for new building projects. Minimalism is just one of the emerging trends in design according to Wallace. “Less is more is becoming more and more popular. Clean lines, neutral color palettes and simple accessories seem to pack the biggest punch in today’s designs,” Wallace said. “Clients are looking for timeless designs in their spaces with unique details to set their space aside from others from unique tile splashes, decorative cabinet hardware or one of a kind granite slabs on their island.”

Every business has its challenges and for Wallace at Calla Lily Designs, being a self-employed entrepreneur means needing to be many places at the same time. “Often while overseeing a job in one location we have a delivery in another or while I am out of the office, there is no one on staff to greet walk-in clients or answer the phones,” Wallace said. “That said, our clients are extremely accommodating in this area and recognize that while I am by appointment for our initial meetings, when their project is underway my team and I are available 24/7 to answer questions and keep things on task.”

Wallace is able to provide her clients a personalized experience in order to tailor to her clients’ tastes while also keeping in mind current trends. “We are able to offer a unique blend of experience, service and accessibility to numerous vendors to help keep our clients on point and on budget,” Wallace said. “Helping them streamline their ideas into a design that not only looks fantastic but will also function well for their family for years.”

For those looking to do a quick makeover for their home as the long winter fades, Wallace offered up some easy tips that anyone can do. “Fresh paint on the walls or new cabinet hardware are little ways to spruce up a kitchen or bathroom. Countertops or even new flooring can breathe new life into a tired space,” Wallace said. “Options are endless for materials to best suit your budget as well as fit the function of your space to suit your needs.”

Wallace’s favorite part of her job is building relationships with all the people she works with. “On the contractor side, we have become a well-oiled team allowing us the greatest success in working together to fulfill our clients’ needs,” Wallace said. “And with my clients, I can honestly say we become friends in many instances as we often work together towards our design goal for weeks and sometimes months. That allows us to get to know one another and sometimes our families quite well!”

Simple fixes such as fresh new paint or hardware can make a huge difference in a home. Wallace and Calla Lily Designs are ready to help those in the area who are looking to bring some freshness into their homes for spring.


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