Why I Love The Holidays - Krista Hagberg

Krista Hagberg

Krista Hagberg wears many hats. She is an office coordinator for Kindred Family Focus in Fergus Falls, a member of the Fergus Falls City Council, a mother, a partner and volunteer. Hagberg has fond memories of the holiday season, giving and receiving gifts, and some of the holiday food that is served during the season. Hagberg spoke about why she prefers to stay home on New Year’s, what her favorite holiday movie is and other questions.

  • Why do you like the holiday season?

I love being able to build on old family traditions with our kids and finding new ones we can make our own.

  • What was the best Christmas gift you received?

It would have to be a ring my significant other, Curt, bought me with our son, Corban’s birthstone in it the first Christmas we celebrated with our first baby.

  • In your opinion, is it better to give or receive and why?

It’s so much more fun for me to give. I have always had a knack for finding just the right gift, so it’s always fun to see someone’s face as they open it.

  • During New Year’s, do you go out or stay at home and why?

Always stay home. It’s just one of those nights I’d rather be with my family trying to stay up as late as possible and watch the ball drop...which rarely happens in our house!

  • What is your favorite holiday food?

Lefse! Rolled up with butter, cinnamon, and sugar.

  • Do you prefer a white Christmas or would you rather celebrate in a warm place and why?

You have to have snow for Christmas. It’s just the only way I know it. For me, I don’t think it would feel as classic and cozy without the snow.

  • What is your favorite holiday song?

Carol of the Bells. Hands down.

  • Real tree, artificial tree or no tree and why?

Our daycare provider is highly allergic to pine, and we love her, so we’re an artificial tree family. Plus...I like not having to water it. I’m terrible with houseplants!

  • Do you enjoy hosting holiday dinners or going to them and why?

We tend to alternate between hosting and attending. I’d much rather host because then I don’t have to pack and haul things in the cold.

  • What is your favorite holiday movie and why?

The original “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” It reminds me of growing up and spending Shol family Christmases at my grandparents. When I was little, I thought the words to the classic song were really “Wahoo Wally”....but that’s a long story. My aunts get it.


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