“I’m bored…” –  is the phrase every parent dreads when kids are confined indoors during blustery weather. Why not have some fun craft ideas up your sleeve? You may even have the materials in your house – if not, stock up now to be prepared before those kiddos have a chance to make a fuss.

Fergus Falls The Magazine recently teamed up with the after-school kids at Fergus Falls YMCA to try out some fun crafts.


A quick and simple winter craft – this doily snowman is a great craft for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten. Each age group will have it’s own artistic take on it.

You will need:

• doilies – same size or different sizes

If using two doilies that are the same size, trim one a little bit so it’s smaller than the other.

• buttons for decorating

• a sheet of construction paper for the background

• orange construction paper for nose

• any color construction paper for scarf

• googly eyes

• scissors

• glue

• marker


• Glue two doilies, smaller on on top, on the sheet of paper. Stick glue does a great job here as it doesn’t wrinkle up the doily.

• Glue on buttons (you can also draw them or use other materials such as pom poms).

• Glue on the nose that you have cut out of the paper (or draw it with an orange marker).

• Draw mouth and add eyes (drawing eyes is OK, as well).

• Last but not least, cut strips of construction paper to make a simple scarf.


This paper snowman is fun to make and fun to bounce.

You can even string the balls together to form a garland.

You will need:

• Two sheets of white paper (plain print paper will do although construction paper will work best.

• paper in any other color for nose and scarf

• black marker

• glue

• scissors

• cupcake liner


Start by cutting strips of paper in two lengths – cut one set along the length and one set along the width. 4 strips for the head and 4 strips for the body.

• Assemble the paper balls. For the body, use the longer strips. Lay two strips down in a cross. Glue in the center. Glue the third strip on top, angling it between the arms of the cross. Glue the fourth strip on top, angling it between the other arms of the cross.

• Glue the top strips together.

• Repeat for the head.

• Glue the body and head together.

• Draw on the eyes and buttons.

• Cut out and glue on the nose.

• Cut out scarf and glue on.

• Top off with a cupcake liner hat.


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