Lake Region Arts Council (LRAC) is now accepting nominations for its board of directors. LRAC is west-central Minnesota’s largest public funder for the arts, providing access to arts opportunities and programming to aspiring and professional artists in the area. The board is made up of two representatives from each of the nine counties LRAC serves. They are currently looking for board representatives from Becker, Grant, Otter Tail, Stevens, Traverse and Wilkin counties.

Board members serve three-year terms and can serve up to two terms. Members make decisions regarding how LRAC is run and reviewing grant applications. “Our board members get to make decisions about funding over $300,000 worth of grants in our nine county region,” executive director Maxine Adams says. The board meets on the third Tuesday of every month except for August and December at the LRAC offices in Fergus Falls, although meetings this year are being conducted online until further notice.

The board is made up of people with diverse backgrounds. “We like to have new board members come on and make sure we have good representation from our communities about how they want LRAC to run and the programs that they want to fund,” Adams says. “We have people that are in education, we have business owners, we have librarians, we have artists, we have people that work with arts organizations in our region, but I think overall just an interest in the arts and the willingness to make some decisions and affect how the arts thrive in our region.”

Nominations are open until Aug. 15. “The best way to access, or to fill out a nomination form, is to email us and request the link. It’s online, it’s certainly easy, just a short questionnaire,” Adams says. The LRAC email address is  “The nominations are presented to the board at our September meeting and we will be notifying the selected board members before the end of September.” People can nominate themselves or someone they believe would be interested and be suitable for the position.

LRAC primarily receives funding through the state Legislature in a general appropriation, as well as the Arts and Cultural Heritage Legacy Fund and the McKnight Foundation. “If you are interested in the arts, it’s a great way to find out about what is going on in the arts in our region, what artists there are, what projects they’re working on. It’s an art lovers dream,” Adams says. “I think what is interesting in this time of COVID-19 and so many things going on in our society, people are looking for a way to make a contribution, to make a difference, and certainly serving on our board or any nonprofit board is a terrific way to do that.”

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