Lake Region Healthcare’s Dr. Anjali Gupta was appointed to the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.

Lake Region Healthcare (LRH) physician, Dr. Anjali Gupta, has been appointed to the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice by Gov. Tim Walz and Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan for a four-year term effective Jan. 5, 2021. Gupta replaces fellow LRH physician, Dr. Patricia Lindholm, who served the maximum allowance of two consecutive terms. 

The Board of Medical Practice is responsible for licensure of various medical providers as authorized by state statute as well as investigation into complaints. Each congressional district must be represented by a physician, though the Board consists of both physicians and public members. Gupta will represent the perspective of small towns and rural areas within the state, as Lindholm, who served one year as President of the Board, did before her. 

At Dr. Lindholm’s urging, I submitted my written application for this position and was honored and very excited to be appointed to the Board. I look forward to bringing my diverse experience to the Board and in turn, use this excellent learning opportunity to grow personally and professionally, ultimately leading to improvement in the quality of healthcare delivered to our patients,” Gupta reflected following her appointment. Gupta has been a physician for 25 years, practicing in many diverse environments, including India and Thailand, where she worked with refugees at the Thai-Myanmar border. The last 10 years of her practice have occurred in Fergus Falls at LRH, where she practices internal medicine both in a clinic and hospital setting. She is also the medical director of the VA Nursing Home and held the maximum allowable term as the President of the Medical Staff at LRH from 2014-18.

Lindholm, who recruited Gupta for the role, explained why Gupta is a good candidate for the position. “We needed a physician from our district. She has a perspective that will be valuable to the Board both as a clinic physician and a hospitalist. I am thrilled that she has been appointed by the governor. I am sure that she will also find her service to be extremely rewarding and valuable.”

LRH CEO, Kent Mattson, weighed in on the exit of Lindholm as Gupta transitions into her role. “Dr. Lindholm has been a valued member of our medical staff since 1990. Not only has she been a fixture of this organization’s standard of excellence in providing family medicine, she has been an advocate and representative for all rural Minnesota’s patients through her service to the Board. Dr. Gupta is an excellent choice to assume the seat Dr. Lindholm is vacating. Having an LRH representative fill this board seat for what will now be three consecutive terms is a reflection of the exceptional medical providers and leaders we have in these two physicians and in our medical staff in general. I would also like to thank Dr. Lindholm for her dedication to Lake Region and to her patients these past 30 years and wish her a long and happy retirement.” 

Lindholm is slated to retire from LRH early this year. 

I’m very grateful to the honorable Tim Walz, Governor of Minnesota, for giving me this opportunity to serve the community and physicians of Minnesota, and to Dr. Lindholm for her mentorship and guidance,” Gupta shared in closing. 


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