Lakeland Mental Health Center therapist, Tera Oland, paid a visit to Claire Ann Shover Nursery School on Thursday morning. Oland talked with the children about naming and expressing their feelings. Together they read the story, “Today I Feel Silly” by Jamie Lee Curtis.

The Shover preschool students are at a great age to learn how to name their feelings which is one way we learn to manage them. Children who can understand their feelings and what is happening to them are better able to stay calm and enjoy their experiences and are more likely to develop a positive sense of self so they can be confident and curious learners. LMHC sponsors the morning preschool class for three- and four-year-olds.

The nursery school children have shared holiday and seasonal artwork with LMHC throughout the year. In addition to their preschool programming available during the school year, Claire Ann Shover offers summer school programming for children ages 3 through first grade for all children, not only Claire Ann Shover students.

There are still slots remaining for summer school. To learn more about Shover, please contact Miss Nikki at or 218-736-3487 or visit the school’s Facebook page or website,

LMHC provides behavioral and mental health services to the community and surrounding area for a wide range of ages. Programming for youth and children includes: children’s day treatment in the schools, individual and family therapy, community — based skills building, case management, school-based mental health treatment and psychiatric medication management. If you would like to know more about the services available at LMHC, please call 218-736-6987.

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