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Fergus Falls Assistant Principal Ryan Johnson shared the iQ Academy’s ESSA plan and enrollment numbers with the Fergus Falls School Board at their Monday meeting. 

Ryan Johnson gave the Fergus Falls School Board a look at how the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan is working through the iQ Academy at Monday’s meeting.

The Fergus Falls assistant principal who has guided the iQ Academy of Minnesota since 2017, told the board the success rate in retaining middle schoolers enrolled in the online classes to be in the 30% range in the first semester. High schoolers were in the 75% range and seniors were at 88%. 

Johnson said passing rates for middle schoolers in the first semester was 82% with high school passing rates at 81%. In district iQ students in grades 9-12 had a 91% passing rate.

Johnson told the board presently there are currently 140 students in the elementary ranks, 202 in the middle school grades and in the high school grades there are 421. A total of 753.

“K-12 projections, which have been accurate the last two years I have been with them, have us ending at 898 kids,” Johnson said. “That is another 130 students so here they come.”

Johnson said iQ Academy K-12 enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year is expected to top 1,000.

“Each year we start a little higher and end a little higher,” Johnson said. 

The classes are taught by instructors from all over the state to their students on a one-on-one basis according to Fergus Falls School Board members Melanie Cole and Kirby Anderson

The ESSA is a federal law that governs the United States K–12 public education policy. The law replaced its predecessor, the No Child Left Behind Act, in 2015. 

One item of new business was brought before the board and approved - the pay equity report - which is completed once every three years to ensure there is no sexist bias in the comparison of compensation, so that predominantly female jobs are paid equally to predominantly male jobs of equivalent value.

General consent items approved included the reassignment to main server in food production of Jessica Aschnewitz and the hiring of Tayler Thompson as a part-time special education paraprofessional at the Heritage Building effective March 5.

Resignations came from Christina “Trina” Weisel, a first-grade teacher at Adams who is leaving the district June 30 and Tony Cantrell, noon hour and after school supervisor. 

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