A fire truck navigates the wreckage in NYC

My husband and I lived in Browns Valley at the time.  We went to work like normal.   He was a shift supervisor and I was office personnel at a telemarketing company.  As the morning progressed,  our reps were bombarded with irritated customers stating they were watching the news and could not take sales calls.  Without a television or the internet at work at the time, we all left to our homes.  There is where and when we saw the horror unfold.  We closed the company for two weeks.

Later I heard a childhood friend who was in the military was scheduled to be in a meeting at the exact spot in the Pentagon where it was hit, however, for some reason the meeting was postponed or canceled.  God was watching out for him and his family.

It was devastating and I prayed people would be found in the rubble quickly.  The scenes on the news were horrific.  I can still see the videos of people jumping off the towers — thinking that would be the lesser of the evils — than crashing to Earth inside the building.

I cannot even imagine being one of those poor people either inside the airplanes or the buildings.  Those family and friends left behind are, I'm sure, still grieving.


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