Hi, my name is Mackenzie Krava and I’m a senior at Kennedy Secondary School and I’m doing a rotation of internships through the high school’s work-based learning program. I have been at the Otter Preschool (Lincoln School); I am currently at LifeSmiles Dental and my last rotation will be through Productive Alternatives at the Crisis Stabilization Unit.

My first internship with the Otter Preschool was a fun and eye-opening experience on the opportunity for a career in early childhood education. I got to see the inner workings of how a teacher runs her classroom and be able to see the four- and five-year-olds begin to further their listening skills, tune in their small and large motor skills and begin to see and understand appropriate behavior in the classroom. I learned lots of techniques for working with the children and that experience has really made me consider the path of early childhood education.

I am currently interning at LifeSmiles Dental here in town. I was hesitant to learn more about a dental office because I haven’t really considered it much as a path that I’d like to go down for a career, but I have become more and more interested the longer I am there and the more that I see. I have observed dental hygienists, dental assistants, the sanitization process and even some of the procedures that the doctors perform. Hygiene isn’t my favorite part of going to the dentist as a patient or as watching from the side while they do their work. It is very technical and they have to know what to do and they work independently so they have to be confident in their skills. Dental assisting seems much more fun to me though. The dental assistants are the ones that help the doctor in their procedures by following their directions and help hand them the instruments they need. I watched a really cool appointment the other day where the dentist got to use a laser on the patient and I was really interested because I didn’t even know that was a thing they did.

Overall, I am very excited to see what opportunities these internships will bring me and I think this experience will be able to help me think more about my future and career by letting me experience things outside of the classroom setting. I would suggest this program to any student in our building and I hope they take part in the great opportunities and experiences this class offers them.

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