Jessica Lopez

With 17 years of insurance experience behind her, Jessica Lopez stumbled upon the insurance industry by accident, ultimately leading her to opening her own Farmers Insurance agency in Fergus Falls.

Responding to a job ad for case manager, Lopez was under the impression she was seeking employment at a law firm. Much to her surprise, the job was, managing 600 life insurance applications. Prior to being introduced to Farmers Insurance, Lopez spent 12 years working for Brokers Alliance Inc., a national life and annuity insurance agency, ending her time with them as their chief operations officer. In 2015, she joined the virtual marketing company Visionary Inc. as their chief executive officer. Satisfied with her career, Lopez was not planning on a change until she was offered an opportunity to open a Farmers Insurance agency. 

“The insurance industry is huge, and there are so many different aspects of it that I found it very interesting,” explained Lopez.  “I was mostly involved in life insurance and retirement planning and when I was introduced to the Farmers Insurance opportunity; in essence, the property and casualty, auto and homeowner side of the industry I jumped at the opportunity.”

Lopez purchased a lake home on Long Lake in 2013, taking her to Battle Lake during the summer months. When Farmers Insurance approached her, she was familiar with the area and identified the opportunity to provide area residents with her expertise. Lopez secured a location and opened on Lincoln Avenue in Fergus Falls on March 11, 2020 — four days prior to the state shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The shutdown made for a slow start for Lopez, but she persevered.  

“Without (insurance), one can become financially bankrupt,” explained Lopez of the importance of adequate coverage. “Insurance allows you to function financially when the unexpected occurs.” Each day $200 million is paid out to help people continue living their lives through life insurance or retirement benefits alone. “It is so satisfying when you can help others financially. I love helping people. Providing the benefits and security for my clients is extremely rewarding.  When delivering a check, especially for a life insurance or disability claim makes what I do so satisfying.  Knowing that with those life insurance proceeds, families can stay in their home without having to move or being dependent on others is so beneficial.”  

Lopez is dedicated to her clients beyond the realms of being “just” an insurance agent. “If anyone takes the time to get to know me, I am more interested in the relationship with my clients. I want to make sure they understand the policy that they bought and that they can call me with questions when needed.  These policies can be confusing and I can help when they have those questions.”

Lopez maintains a residence in Scottsdale, Arizona, where her children and granddaughter reside, but spends a lot of time in Fergus Falls due to her Farmers Insurance agency. She offers a wide variety of insurance options and is ready and willing to field your questions. Her agency is located at 1105 W. Lincoln Ave. in Fergus Falls. 

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