Plenty of goodies

The spread of cookies and other bake goods was amense as the Fergus Falls Area YMCA’s Y’s Folks hosted their annual cookie/bake sale Wednesday.

With smiles on their faces, the Fergus Falls Area Family YMCA’s Y’s Folks group welcomed customers to peruse an abundance of baked goods as a part of a fundraiser Wednesday morning.

Kicking off the annual cookie/bake sale at 6 a.m. the group hoped to see the same amount of success as last year’s sale which saw all items purchased by 10:30 a.m.

How many cookies and baked goods were there?

“Oh my goodness, I have no idea,” organizer Ruth DeMartelaere laughed.

The group asked each member of Y’s Folks to provide eight dozen cookies. Organizers DeMartelaere and Judy Edinger mentioned that about half the members provided cookies, that didn’t include the 500 rosettes, 330 sandbakkels and an unestimated amount of krumkake. Although that is alot of baked items, the duo said that last year they ran out of items and wanted to make sure that customers had options.

“We have more this year than we did last year. I don’t think we ever made 500 rosettes before,” Edinger said.

Planning for the sale began immediately after last year’s event as the group set the date and this year will be no different.

“Planning for the next sale begins the next day by setting a date. As soon as the salad luncheon, which takes place in May, is done, we are working on the cookie sale,” Edinger added.

The fundraiser will see all the money raised go to the YMCA, but the event couldn’t have come together without help from others in the community.

“Places have been generous, Cooper’s printed our flyers Service Food gave us an allowance for some of the groceries, the town has cooperated. We have got lots of support,” Demartelaere said.


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