On Monday, LB Homes announced in a press release that the suspension of their hospice program. As a hospice organization, they have been providing care for 38 years, beginning as Lakeland Hospice and then becoming LB Hospice. During that time, they have served countless patients and their families while partnering with health care and community organizations to ensure patients have received the holistic care hospice is able to provide.

The hospice team for LB Homes has consisted of a direct care team of a hospice medical director, nurse case managers, social workers, chaplains, bereavement specialists, home health aides and volunteers, along with many nondirect-care team members, such as intake and health information. Together they have coordinated care for patients facing serious or life-threatening illness or injury.

Like many health care organizations, LB Hospice has seen a decrease in available staffing. This has prompted many discussions regarding the best options for patients within LB Hospice. It was determined that due to significant staffing difficulties, LB Hospice will need to suspend hospice services.

“Our hospice team has consistently provided quality, compassionate care for patients in our community. This was a difficult decision, but ultimately, our decision is based on providing the best possible patient care,” explained Rachel Rollie, LB Home Care and hospice administrator. ”We will continue to evaluate our hospice program, but as of now, we are transferring patients to other hospice organizations.”

LB Hospice patients will continue to receive hospice care through programs offered by other organizations.

”This was absolutely a difficult decision,” shared John Zwiers, CEO, LB Homes. “We are grateful for our LB Hospice team and community supporter. They have had a significant impact within our community.”

LB Homes will retain hospice licensure and continue to evaluate the viability of reimplementing a hospice program. LB Homes‘ remaining entities will continue to operate without interruption. These include LB Broen Home, LB Woodland Lodge, LB Alcott Manor and LB Sheridan House facilities as well as LB Home Care.

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