So long 2021!

The experiences of 2021 are in the past and 2022 is here for the next 365 days. The new year invites reflection and some experiences were bad, some were good and some were probably unexpected.

It may have been a hard year for many, with COVID-19, economic struggles and social unrest. But, no matter what the year was like, there is always a reason to celebrate and there is always a reason to find joy in the experiences of the past year.

What better way to enter into the new year than by welcoming all those who came into this world during the course of 2021? As people say goodbye to 2021, they can also say hello to new life.

This year, Lake Region Healthcare (LRH) in Fergus Falls got to do just that. As of Dec. 29, 2021, the hospital welcomed 247 babies into the world in 2021.

In addition to welcoming all of the newborn babies this past year, LRH nurses report that “Mack” and “Elsia” have been popular names for newcomers born at LRH in 2021.

LRH also mentioned that they are anxiously awaiting the “New Year Baby” and can’t wait to welcome the first little one of 2022 into the community.

Happy first New Year, babies of 2021, and welcome to 2022!

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